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Why is the tubing 8” apart?

Close spacing provides the best comfort. Tubing spaced further apart can create hot/cold spots, especially with low R-value finished floor goods. Closer spacing also provides better performance.
How much does it cost to install TB?

An inexperienced crew of two able carpenters can install an average of 150 sq. ft. per hour.
When is ThermalBoard installed?

ThermalBoard is typically installed just prior to the installation of finished flooring goods. Store ThermalBoard on the job site in a dry, cool space and it is ready to be installed with delays, in the natural progression of construction.
May I attach ThermalBoard directly to concrete?

NO. ThermalBoard is specifically designed for attachment to a subfloor (plywood or OSB). If ThermalBoard is used over concrete, the installer must employ a vapor barrier and securely attach ¾ plywood or OSB to the concrete prior to application of the ThermalBoard. A separate ThermalBoard product for direct application to concrete will be introduced in late 2004.
May I nail hardwood directly to ThermalBoard?

Yes, this is great advantage of ThermalBoard. You must use hardwood nails long enough to secure ThermalBoard to the sub floor (see the ThermalBoard Application/Installation manual).
Should I attach something to TB before applying carpet?

We recommend a minimum 1/8” plywood or Masonite sheet be applied over ThermalBoard to avoid the remote possibility of extreme point load damage (kids with jack knives).
May I glue flooring goods to TB?

No. The WarmCoat aluminum surface is attached to the board with non-VOC glue that does not provide a “structural” connection.
May I install a mortar bed over TB?

Yes. When installed with a slip-sheet or approved crack isolation membrane and proper reinforcement mesh, hard pack mortar may be applied over TB.
Will a tubing leak destroy ThermalBoard?

Leaks sometimes occur during construction, primarily due to conflicting trades. Prolonged exposure to moisture will result in ThermalBoard swelling. The leak should be immediately repaired. Immediate drying of the area will usually avoid any damage to ThermalBoard.
How do I design manifold locations?

As you would normally. Tubing approaching a manifold location can be accommodated in custom grooves (with a standard 5/8” router) or covered with mortar.
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